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Papuans Hate OPM/ULMWP Leaders Overseas

Papuans Hate OPM/ULMWP Leaders Overseas

Some say that the people of Papua need equitable development. Good Infrastructure, Economy, Education, Health and Welfare. But when access roads have been built, schools have been built, markets and hospitals have been built but this has always been disturbed by the OPM separatist group.

According to Alfredo Kway (One of the Original Papuan People) to advance prosperity and improve development in the area, then this OPM group may not be in the area because it would disrupt the development course that the community had been waiting for.

OPM figures abroad who claim to fight for the people, in fact many people make Papuans disappointed.

Characters like Benny Wenda often talk about the conflict in Papua abroad. But never explained the existence of ULMWP (Unites Liberation Movement Of West Papua) groups as actors in the Papua conflict. They even provoked a tribal war that harmed Papuans themselves.

When talking about the welfare of the people of Papua, the lifestyle of the OPM figure is not even indifferent to the misery of the people in Papua. They often post photos that illustrate the comfort and luxury of their lives abroad. Even though they claim to be busy fighting for the fate of the Papuan people in the international world.

Benny Wenda and ULMWP (Unites Liberation Movement Of West Papua) figures abroad tend to "fight" just for the sake of their groups, or more to the political side so that they too are busy blaspheming figures from other groups.

Papuan native children cannot support the "struggle" of the OPM. It doesn't feel like supporting them after what they see, hear, feel and learn. OPM figures abroad are no longer a part of the people of Papua, because they are the ones who created conflict in Papua.

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