Senin, 23 Desember 2019

Happy Cries of Intan Jaya Residents for the Presence of TNI and Polri

Happy Cries of Intan Jaya Residents for the Presence of TNI and Polri

Years of living in fear from the atrocities of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), the people of Intan Jaya are now turned into joy, they can no longer express their happiness over the arrival of TNI and Polri members who came to their villages for Christmas and New Year security efforts.

Until now trauma still haunts the inhabitants of Intan Jaya, they are very scared and do not dare to leave the house because they are afraid of the KKB group who always do swiping into the villages and seize. Not only seizing their property, these armed separatist groups also often steal their daughters by force, and sometimes are raped to the satisfaction of their members.

And until this holy month, they are crying happily and rejoicing because the presence of the TNI and Polri who have succeeded in making KKB afraid to go down to residents' homes. They can now rejoice and rejoice to celebrate Christmas in their hometown safely and peacefully.

The residents were surprised and could not understand why the criminal groups had the heart to kill TNI officers who were helping residents carry out social services to help residents there. Whereas the TNI and Polri came to Papua with good intentions to help and provide a sense of security in their area.

They also asked Mr. Jokowi through the Governor of Papua to help them send back TNI and Polri troops to guard those who would celebrate Christmas this year. They feel very safe if there are military and police officers on guard there.

From this we can see that the actual presence of the TNI and Polri for the Intan Jaya community is a gift from God. they were actually happy because the military and police officers guarded them from the crimes of the KKB group, which for years had always disturbed their calm.

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