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Immediately Exterminate KKB Papua

Immediately Exterminate KKB Papua

To stop the violence carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), which often causes fatalities in Papua, the House of Representatives considers that the Free Papua KKB must be eradicated immediately, the Government must also de-radicalize those who are potentially exposed to the KKB understanding.

"I think the government should be more serious in eradicating the Free Papua KKB. Just like the Santoso terrorist sweep. Don't let the victims fall again. In addition, the government also needs to be more active in de-radicalizing community groups that are active in raising opinions, ideologizing the movement Free Papua, "stressed Member of the House of Representatives Commission I Sukamta told Media Indonesia, Thursday (12/19).

Seeing the casualties from TNI members a few days ago he added, Kopassus members from Dairi Regency, North Sumatra, First Lieutenant Erizal Zuhri Sidabutar who were killed and Serda Rizky seriously injured should be the last of the KKB's presence in Papua. The government is obliged to act decisively and eradicate the Freedom of Papua KKB and hold de-radicalization for potentially exposed actors and communities.

"The actions of the Free Papua KKB are increasingly troubling as a result of not being taken seriously. The longer it is not getting extinguished but the enlargement of the Free Papua Papuan movement. Efforts to eradicate the movement must be carried out comprehensively starting from ideology, spreading the movement to strict legal actions," he said. .

First Lt. Inf Erizal Zuhry Sidabutar is the second child of Aiptu Rukur who received education at the Military Academy in 2011-2015. Currently, he works at the Special Forces Unit for Kopassus Terror, Jakarta. Two siblings First Lieutenant Inf Erizal Zuhry Sidabutar STr.Han are TNI officers graduated from the Military Academy and the Naval Academy.

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