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Intan Jaya Conducive Citizens of Batu Batu

Intan Jaya Conducive Citizens of Batu Batu

Regarding the security stability after the armed conflict a few days ago, the condition of Intan Jaya regency was gradually normal, the residents had also returned to their usual activities, very different from what was reported by Papuan separatists who said that conditions in Intan Jaya were still not safe.

After the armed contact between the Armed Civil Group (KSB) and members of the TNI-Polri in Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, last Tuesday, December 17, 2019, which killed two TNI soldiers, namely First Lieutenant EZS and Serda RR, the situation in the region is now now. already conducive.

The presence of the TNI and Polri security forces made the people of Intan Jaya feel protected, they felt happy because their territory had been guarded by the security forces, not only that they even welcomed the security forces by holding a stone-burning tradition.

Located at the Sugapa Football Field in Intan Jaya Regency, hundreds of Intan Jaya residents participated in the Free Health Services, basic food and charity assistance with the TNI and Polri in the month of peace this Christmas. Free health services and social assistance are expected to help and reduce the burden on the community.

The people of Papua have very unique traditions and identities. From food, traditional clothes, to traditional ceremonies. One of the best known and still preserved Papuan traditions to this day is the stone-burning tradition.

The stone-burning tradition itself is a joint cooking ritual that aims to offer gratitude, to make friends with family and relatives, to welcome good news. While carrying on this tradition handed down from generation to generation, all the villagers come together and sit in a circle while cooking together intimately.

So if there are parties who say that the Regency of Intan Jaya is not safe, it is only false news that was deliberately made to create terror and make people uneasy, in fact the post-armed conflict between the KKB and members of the TNI-Polri in Intan Jaya a few days ago has returned to normal. The community actually feels safe because it has been guarded by the security forces of the TNI and Polri.

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