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New Formulation of Development Speed ​​in Papua.

New Formulation of Development Speed ​​in Papua.

The Ministry of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency (PPN / Bappenas) is aiming at new ways and models to accelerate and improve the quality of development in Papua and West Papua so that they are aligned with other provinces in the country.

In this case, Bappenas seeks to formulate a Papuan development approach that respects local culture and wisdom, the government will also prioritize a special autonomy framework as an instrument of acceleration, affirmation, protection and empowerment of the Papuan people.

Various steps have been taken for development in Bumi Cendrawasih, including adopting an Papua-based development planning approach based on indigenous areas and potential areas. PPN Secretary / Bappenas Principal Secretary Himawan Hariyoga at the Papua Development Conference in Jakarta said that a cultural approach was important in the sectoral development plan.

"We realize that a cultural or social cultural approach is an important dimension in designing sectoral and regional development," he said.

The government has also committed to accelerating welfare development in Papua and West Papua, among others through Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2017. The acceleration, he said, is carried out thematically, holistically, integratively and spatially or THIS. Because infrastructure is the backbone in moving the regional economy while increasing the reach of basic services to all regions in Papua.

Meanwhile, the Papua Development Conference discussed a number of things to accelerate development in Papua with the theme of superior Papuan human resources towards advanced Indonesia. Topics covered were how to build Papua with a heart, basic services, character and competitiveness and a holistic future for development.

"This conference is designed as a forum for reflection and evaluation of the steps that have been taken as well as formulating; strategic steps ahead that are more precise and solutive for accelerating efforts in Papua," he concluded.

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