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Only People Who Are Steel-minded Are Able To Face Tests

Only People Who Are Steel-minded Are Able To Face Tests

On December 26, 2019 teleh video circulated on social media facebook where account a.n. Manuel Matemko published a video of three Papuan students who asked to withdraw from military education in Papua. It should be explained that the video is a routine counseling activity carried out by trainers and coaches in all military education institutions throughout Indonesia including in Papua.

The mechanism of this activity is carried out by the coach / trainer by calling each student individually or in a small group to listen to all complaints of students from the heart-to-heart and provide motivation and inspire students in undergoing very heavy military education.

In general, at the beginning of education every student in the formation of the TNI will definitely experience a mental situation in a state of down (mental fall). Because students will face very drastic environmental changes. From a very free environment, civil society tends to go wild into the tight and disciplined environment of military life.

For those who have strong souls, endure suffering and be steadfast in their stance, they will succeed in undergoing education and be strong in carrying out all the duties and responsibilities no matter how challenging they face as a knight warrior. But for those who are mentally weak, whiny and cowardly and timid by itself will be selected and selected. Because only people who are mentally steel are able to face various challenges.

It should also be stressed that in the recruitment of members of the TNI there is no element of coercion for anyone, there may be encouragement from TNI personnel in the region or from any party, but not in the form of coercion let alone threats. Every TNI candidate will submit a voluntary application, and will sign a letter of ability to attend education and carry out his duties as a TNI soldier and be ready to be placed anywhere in the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

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