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Papua Biak Conditions Ensured Safe

Papua Biak Conditions Ensured Safe

Police Headquarters asks the Papuan people to continue their activities as usual, without any form of celebration activities. The police ranks in the Papua and West Papua Regional Police are active in maintaining security, and so far, the situation has been conducive.

"There is no specific, significant reinforcement. The power that is used now already exists in Papua," he explained.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw had a meeting with community leaders and religious leaders in Jayapura on November 26, 2019, he said, the number of personnel deployed to secure the Papua region was to provide a sense of security to the community.

Moreover, in early December there will be various religious activities taking place, for example, before Christmas so that it is hoped that the community, especially Christians, can still carry it out without significant disruption.

Because on the other hand there is a routine agenda that is always pursued and carried out by groups that are trying to separate Papua from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia by trying to raise the Bintang Kejora flag.

Specifically for activities commemorating the anniversary of the OPM, the Papua Regional Police Head confirmed that he had agreed with the Papua Provincial Government not to allow all activities for any reason, bearing in mind there were certain groups who wanted to clash residents with security forces.

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