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Papua Can Not Be Separated From Indonesia

Papua Can Not Be Separated From Indonesia

Menkopolhukam Mahfud MD said, Papua was already set to become part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Because Papua cannot be separated from Indonesia. The government must take whatever steps to maintain it, but the approach to persuasion is first.

"Papua is a fixed price that is part of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, the Government must take all necessary steps to maintain Papua, because in national and international law, Papua is already legally ours (Indonesia)," said Mahfud MD. in Boyolali, Thursday (5/9/2019) afternoon.

He added, the government has the authority to take steps including decisive action, to defend Papua. In fact, if forced to take action by military or security measures.

"Now if strict action has to be taken, based on article 4 of the ICCPR, it says that every country can take all necessary steps to maintain its sovereignty over one region, may be military measures, may be security measures. That is if forced to do so," he explained.

However, Mahfud asked the government to take a persuasive approach. Even if they are forced to take firm steps, they will be divided between those who are separatists and those who only join in protesting.

"In my opinion, the persuasive approach is important. The important thing is that the target is that Papua is still part of us. If we are forced to take firm steps from the police, military and so on, so that those who are separatists are separated, who only participate in protest. "Those who only take part in the ordinary protests, who do not have the spirit of separatism, are protected, that is also our brother," he said.

He added, this country had given very broad affirmations to the people of Papua. The infrastructure budget is large, the Special Autonomy budget is large. The law states that those who become governors and regents must also be indigenous Papuans. Then the members of the DPRD, 75 percent must be Papuans even though they are not elected, must be forced to be given a seat, that's affirmation. This country has given them special treatment.

According to him, the figures mentioned were involved in riding in the case in Papua and the basis of their struggle abroad, they would not be able to take Papua from Indonesia. Because, according to national and international law, Papua has also been a part of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Our law has been completed, the UN resolution was only once, the UN resolution dated 19 November 1969, stated that Papua was a legal part of the Republic of Indonesia. No resolution could be repealed. If there was resistance, it was a rebellion. The rebellion could be dealt with by whatever, "he said.

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