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Sanitation Program for Clean Water in Papua

Sanitation Program for Clean Water in Papua

West Papua Regional Secretary (Sekda) Nataniel Mandacan said, all villages in West Papua Province must implement environmental sanitation and clean water programs.

"I ask the head of villages in 12 regencies and 1 city in western Papua, to implement an environmental sanitation program and clean water in their respective villages," he said.

He will encourage that the program can be implemented. Therefore, he asked the Village Community Empowerment Service (PMK) in all regencies / cities in West Papua to be able to draw up a village fund budget to support the sanitation program.

"The village budget can be used for sanitation programs. Before it is implemented, related agencies must provide socialization or understanding related to sanitation to the community. This is very important, the environmental sanitation program and clean water can be included in the village work program," he said.

"In the future, it is expected that the Regional Budget and Special Autonomy Fund can be inserted a little for the sanitation program. With this program, it is hoped that the community can get the environment and clean water," he said.

To support this program, supervision and assistance from related agencies is needed, because so far the village budget has been very large. But the development program in the village has not been going well.

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