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Banti Safe Village After the KKB Shoot and Army Official Contact

Banti Safe Village After the KKB Shoot and Army Official Contact

On the eve of the turn of the year, there were two exchanges of fire between the NTT Regional Police Mobile Brigade officers who were guarding the Satgas Aman Nusa Pos Banti 1 post with the KKB. The first incident took place at 00.05 East Indonesian Time marked six times the sound of gunfire erupting around Block C Kampung Banti 1.

Mimika Resort Police Chief, Papua, AKBP I Gusti Gede Era Adhinata said that the kamtibmas situation in Banti Village, Tembagapura District was now conducive after firing contact between the authorities and Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) on the eve of New Year.

"The situation in Banti Tembagapura is already conducive. After the incident there were no more shootings," said the police chief.

The police chief revealed that the contact with the KKB members lasted for about an hour. They were confronted by NTT Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel who secured the Aman Nusa Task Force Post in Kampung Banti 1 with the Kali Kali KKB on Wednesday (1/1) night.

"There was a firefight from 24.00 to 01.00 CET. It seems that they are just trying, whether our posts have security from members or not," explained Era.

The police chief said security in the area around Tembagapura City such as Kampung Banti 1, Banti 2, Opitawak, Kimbeli, and Utikini Lama were quite strong. There are about a thousand joint personnel consisting of the Amole Task Force and the Nusa Safe Task Force on guard.

The placement of Brimob personnel from several task forces in villages around Tembagapura was intended to prevent KKB from entering and attacking the vital objects of PT Freeport Indonesia in Tembagapura and its surroundings. The police chief explained that the post shot at Kampung Banti 1 on the eve of the turn of the year was one of the perimeters that prevented the KKB from entering the Tembagapura area.

"Each post is guarded by around 200 personnel. At that location there are several posts," Era said.

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