Jumat, 24 Januari 2020

Benny Wenda Thinks Only How to Get Economic Benefits and Power

Benny Wenda Thinks Only How to Get Economic Benefits and Power

From reliable sources (Oxford), Benny Wenda has taken advantage of many false stories about the conflict in West Papua. He often uses international NGOs and joins cultural arts festivals in the UK to get personal and group benefits.

Benny Wenda also benefits economically by manipulating taxpayers' money in the UK through claims as asylum seekers on the grounds of fear of returning to Indonesia or deportation from the UK, so maintaining conflict in West Papua is the solution.

From a psychological perspective, the conflict issue was used by Benny to show the world that only he was the one who cared the most about the Papuan problem, so he deserved to be the leader of Papua in the future.

Even though many Papuans who have sacrificed their lives, believe in Benny Wenda. But Benny Wenda stated that he did not love Papua, but his hometown was Oxford in England, as Wenda said "I always say that Oxford is now my village", a statement that indicates that he was afraid of being deported from the UK, and no other country who received it.

And the strongest reason why Papua is still intact with Indonesia is because Papuans are becoming increasingly smarter, Understanding and clearly seeing the changes and development provided by the Government of Indonesia that is evenly distributed from various aspects. Compared to promises, lies and anarchist acts and rebellions that sacrificed many people by the separatist group Benny Wenda.

As many as 155 sympathizers of armed groups in Sinak, Puncak District, Papua, 'went down the mountain'. They then expressed their loyalty to the Republic of Indonesia. 155 These people included Utaringgen Telenggen, their aspiration was only to get a proper and healthy honai house, also to ask for security guarantees from the TNI and Polri.

This proves that, the people of Papua only want peace, security and prosperity not independence by anarchist means, false propaganda and political interests made up by Benny Wenda.

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