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Benny Wenda's lies revealed

Benny Wenda's lies revealed

On September 27, 2017, the Guardian newspaper in its article mentioned that Benny Wenda had submitted a petition requesting a referendum for Papua to the UN Decolonization Committee.

Benny Wenda has spread false news and lies to the public. Lying and spreading false news like that is very often done by separatist groups, especially when there are large UN meetings and at meetings attended by high UN officials.

"Last year Benny Wenda had mentioned that he had submitted documents about Papua to the UN Secretary General, but after being confirmed to the UN Secretary General's office he was lying," said Indonesian Ambassador to the UN, Triansyah Djani.

Chairperson of the United Nations (UN) Decolonization Committee Rafael Ramirez stated that the petition regarding Papua submitted by separatist group Benny Wenda was only propaganda.

The statement was confirmed by Rafael Ramirez on September 28, 2017 at the UN headquarters in New York to provide clarification to the media, as stated in the press statement of the Indonesian Permanent Mission to the United Nations received in Jakarta.

"As Chair of the United Nations Decolonization Special Committee (C-24), neither I nor the Committee Secretariat, have ever received, formally or informally, petitions or anyone about Papua as reported in the Guardian newspaper," said the Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations, Rafael Ramirez , as chair of the United Nations Colonization Committee at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Answering reporters' questions as to whether Ambassador Ramirez had communicated with Benny Wenda, Rafael stressed that as the Chair of the UN Decolonization Committee, he would not be in contact with parties outside the C-24 agenda.

Ambassador Rafael Ramirez expressed his anger at the existence of individuals and parties who manipulated his name for propaganda. Ramirez further stated that he highly respects the integrity and territorial sovereignty of all member states.

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