Selasa, 21 Januari 2020

Dozens of TNI Members Sent to Papua to Strengthen Security

Dozens of TNI Members Sent to Papua to Strengthen Security

In order to protect the country's sovereignty from the undermining of KKB armed criminal groups in Papua, Kodam XIV / Hasanuddin sent dozens of territorial apparatus (Apter) consisting of the Village Trustees (Babinsa) and Military Rayon Commander (Danramil) to Papua. They will be stationed at Kodam XVII / Cendrawasih and Kodam XVIII / Kasuari.

"So there are 71 qualified Apter Babinsa, Danramil we will send to Papua to carry out thickening duties because there is a lack of personnel. Because of their thickening means to support the duties of Danramil and Babinsa there. Including helping educational activities such as teaching in elementary and junior high schools, "said Kasdam XIV / Hasanuddin Brig. Gen. Budi Sulistijono.

Given the situation and conditions in Papua are still very vulnerable and armed criminal groups are still hanging around, Budi Sulistijono reminded members who will be on duty in Papua to always be careful. While still carrying out their duties in carrying out the territorial.

Considering the geographical and demographic conditions in Papua are very complex, Kasdam Budi Sulistijono will provide more detailed supplies while in Rindam Papua. because serving in Papua is not easy.

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