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Kostrad TNI Task Force Helps Mimika Communities Handle Health

Kostrad TNI Task Force Helps Mimika Communities Handle Health

TNI's concern for the people of Papua is unquestionable, in addition to being tasked with securing the Papua region, the TNI also helps the community in terms of health services. Task Force Infantry Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad with the team helped the community in Hemigoma village in Mimika Regency who was experiencing health problems.

Health is the main and important thing, the Task Force Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad is helping the community in maintaining and treating diseases experienced by the Hemigoma Kampung community in the Aramsolki region, Mimika Regency, Papua. This treatment activity is an effort to increase public awareness of hygiene and health.

Dansatgas said that health is important, so we (the task force) must be able to provide assistance to people who are experiencing health problems. This mobile treatment activity is one of the efforts of the Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad Task Force in an effort to improve public health and provide assistance in both health services and medicines free of charge.

This activity received a positive response from Mr. Bavol Wantik as Head of Hemigoma Village, where at the same time the wife of the village head was also having problems with his health. "I am grateful to members of the TNI for helping my wife and also the Hemigoma community who are sick," he said.

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