Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

Lies And Terror Are OPM Weapons

Lies And Terror Are OPM Weapons

Public lies about the statement of the Free Papua Organization that killed the security forces will be a blunder for the OPM itself. OPM will be increasingly hated by Papuans themselves and become international enemies as Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) as losers.

This method will continue to be carried out by OPM in every futile military operation. They are wild and disturbing society. The only way they stay alive and maintain their spirit of terror is to spread fear. Through propaganda and lies, they spread the news about the weakening of the authority of the Indonesian National Police, hoping that the people would believe.

The people are already in love with the TNI-Polri, and OPM is too hated. Even by native Papuans themselves. OPM's efforts to free Papua are only a figment. They deliberately use social media by posting and spreading false news to persuade Papuans to support the action.

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