Kamis, 23 Januari 2020

OPM Commander Shot Dead

OPM Commander Shot Dead

The joint TNI-Polri team succeeded in crippling members of the armed criminal group (KKB) with the initials NM (35) around Nifasi Village, Nusi Beach, Makimi District, Nabire Regency. Head of Papua Police Public Relations Commissioner Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal explained, initially the joint team conducted a surveillance of the perpetrators who had previously been investigated to carry out buying and selling firearms transactions around Nusi Beach.

"At 08.50 Eastern Indonesian Time, the Nabire TNI-Polri joint team saw that the suspect along with two other people using a car moved from the direction of Nusi Beach heading towards the City of Nabire," he said.

The team used two units of cars, one car was blocking from the back, and one from the front. At the time of the arrest at the scene, the team from the Nabire group had fired warning shots twice, but the perpetrators ignored them. The team then saw two other perpetrators managed to escape towards the hill, while one person who was about to flee into the bush was successfully paralyzed by the Nabire-Indonesian National Armed Forces team.

"The perpetrator suffered a gunshot wound to the waist. From this incident, the perpetrators of NM's name died from gunshot wounds," he said.

In addition to paralyzing the perpetrators, the team also secured evidence in the form of 1 firearm assembled with a long barrel, a handphone, 2 5.56 mm ammunition, a notebook, a savings book and Rp. 500 thousand. NM has a strategic role as controlling the activities of the Intan Jaya KKB because it serves as the General Operations Commander in the Meepago Kodap 29 area. According to the results of the investigation, NM was in Nabire Regency to purchase weapons and ammunition to be sent to Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency.

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