Jumat, 31 Januari 2020

Papua PON 2020 Budget Does Not Disturb Special Autonomy Funds

Papua PON 2020 Budget Does Not Disturb Special Autonomy Funds

Regarding allegations that OTSUS funds were spent on Papuan XX PON needs, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe explained, the budget for the XX / 2020 National Sports Week (PON) came from the Papua Province Regional Budget and private parties, not to disturb Otsus funds.

"The need for Papua, to build the PON, the costs must be huge. But, of course we will adjust to the competition and others, the budget for Papua PON 2020 comes from the Papua Province Regional Budget and the private sector. We are confident that we can get it within four years. going forward to be paid in installments by us, '' said Luke.

According to him, the number of sports that will be contested in Papua PON 2020 will be adjusted to the request of the KONI Center, which is prioritizing sports to be competed in the Olympics.

When asked what are the main obstacles faced by the Papua Province in preparing themselves to host the 2020 PON, Luke said, so far his side had no major obstacles.

'' We are ready from the infrastructure, such as for Papua's air transportation is ready. For the internet network also already exists, as well as athlete and official accommodation, '' he said.

He said, five regencies in Papua, Jayapura, Timika, Biak, Wamena, and Merauke Provinces were ready to be the venue for the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2020. They were ready to implement the PON 2020, PON 2020 Papua was not just a National multievent sporting event , but it will also be a place to unite Indonesia through sports.

As the easternmost province in Indonesia which is the first time implementing a PON, said Lukas, the Papua Province feels proud and grateful that it can be appointed as the host of the PON 2020 by the government.

"We are grateful to have the trust of the state to build a partnership between Indonesia and Papua through national sports, namely the PON event," he said.

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