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Similar to the Head of a Dragon, This is the Latest Orchid Species from the Land of Papua

Similar to the Head of a Dragon, This is the Latest Orchid Species from the Land of Papua

The natural wealth in Eastern Indonesia seems endless. Even now, there are still many species that have just been touched and known.

The latest, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has managed to find a new orchid species from the land of Papua. The species is named Dendrobium nagataksaka.

Researcher at LIPI's Plant and Botanical Conservation Research Center, Destario Metusala, said that this new species of orchid was identified and published in the international scientific journal Phytotaxa in September 2019.

Dendrobium nagataksaka orchid is an epiphytic orchid that grows attached to the surface of tree trunks.

"The natural distribution of this new species is known to come from lowland forest areas in the province of West Papua," Destario said, Monday (4/10/2019).

The Dendrobium genus, said Destario, is known as one of the orchid groups that has a unique flower shape and is one of the most popular ornamental flower commodities.

"This new species has a unique flower bud shape that has an upright petal like horns, and long protruding flower lips resembling the shape of a dragon's head," he said.

While in its own meaning the taksaka dragon (Kaang) is a winged dragon which is a symbol of the sky or symbolizes the earth's atmosphere as depicted on a padmasana throne shaped like a chair and with the beauty of fine art.

"The characteristic (new species of Dendrobium orchid) is what makes this new species take the epithet of Nagataksaka which comes from the name Taksaka, a mythological creature in the form of a dragon in the epic Mahabharata," he said.

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