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The Papua Special Autonomy Fund will continue after 2021

The Papua Special Autonomy Fund will continue after 2021

Responding to the misleading opinion of Korneles Kawei, the Chair of the Drans (tribal adat council) of the Oransbari District of South Manokwari Regency said that the Special Autonomy Fund for Papua would end in 2021, and the government would withdraw the Otsud funds returned to Jakarta, the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of Home Affairs) states that this is not true.

Papua and West Papua special autonomy funds (Otsus) will continue in the coming 2021. The Ministry of Home Affairs ensures that the funds will continue. Bahtiar, Head of the Ministry of Home Affairs Information Center (Kapuspen), said Papua's Special Autonomy itself did not end after an evaluation was conducted. However, the issue of distribution will be more specific and sharpened.

"Later it will continue again. Maybe we just need to sharpen it so that the budget will be more effective, "Bahtiar said at the National Library Building, Jakarta, last Thursday (11/21/2019).

Bahtiar said that the special autonomy fund review was currently being conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. This study is related to the distribution of the special autonomy fund which is quite fantastic.

However, Bahtiar has not confirmed whether the special autonomy funds channeled in 2021 will be reduced or added to. Because the matter of the amount of the budget has its own calculations with the Ministry of Finance and the Director General of Regional Finance.

According to him, the most important thing right now is not about the amount of funds disbursed, but is related to the distribution of special autonomy funds used in Papua and West Papua. This reflects on the case of hunger in Asmat some time ago. He said the evaluation of the special autonomy fund should be sharpened

"What the Minister has said is that his evaluation is effective, his sharpness, the proof of the case of two years ago there was a hungry edema in Asmat. While money is abundant, that's right, "he said.

To note, the implementation of special autonomy has been running since the enactment of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua (Papua Special Autonomy Law). The law was later amended in Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perpu) No. 1 of 2008 which also served as a legal umbrella for the special autonomy region of West Papua.

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