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Weapons with KKB, TNI Make Sure Not to Kill Civilians

Weapons with KKB, TNI Make Sure Not to Kill Civilians

The TNI-Polri Joint Task Force claims that they did not kill any civilians when engaging in armed contact with the Free Papua Organization (OPM) or which they identified as an armed criminal group (KKB).

XVII / Cendrawasih Kodam Information Head of Infantry Colonel Muhammad Aidi stressed that even if there were casualties they would be part of the KKSB.

"So if it turns out there have been reports of casualties due to the gun contact then it can be analyzed that the victims are not pure civilians, but maybe they are part of the perpetrators," said Aidi, Sunday (9/12).

Aidi also denied that the TNI-Polri used bombs and assault helicopters when dealing with the KKSB. They say they only use individual rifles and Bell-type transport helicopters and MI-17.

He stressed that the security forces had never started an attack. Aidi instead blamed the Egianus Kogoya plot as the party that triggered the dispute.

"It was precisely those who were KKSB who attacked the Evacuation Team. So there was a shootout and resulted in one Brimob member suffering from a gunshot wound," he said.

The TNI asked for a civilian element, namely the Papua Provincial Government to intervene because it was fighting the KKSB's task for all parties.

"Don't just be quiet seeing this very bad situation and incident happening in the region, Brother," he said.

Previously there was a shooting by PT Istaka Karya workers who were working on the bridge construction in Yall District, Sunday (2/12) and Monday (3/12).

Until now, the Joint Task Force of the TNI-Polri has found 18 fatalities. As many as 17 civilians and one other member of the TNI. TNI-Polri are still looking for two bodies and two survivors who have not been found.

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