Kamis, 06 Februari 2020

Catch Egianus Kogoya

Catch Egianus Kogoya

Egianus Kogoya is considered the most responsible figure for all attacks carried out by KKB armed criminal groups in the past few years. As a group that contradicts the Republic of Indonesia, the group led by Egianus Kogoya has arguably a black record. The figure of the former thug is famous for being sadistic in slaughtering his victims.

Another fact about this group is how they are related to the Free Papua Organization (OPM), this armed plot will certainly continue to carry out brutal and cruel actions in order to separate themselves from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Including killing Papuan civilians who tried to block their actions.

Egianus Kogoya is an OPM leader who was previously affiliated with the OPM leader Goliath Tabuni in Puncak Jaya Regency. Egianus Kogoya's whereabouts are also difficult to ascertain, because they always move where each action. Egianus put forward a political understanding that was contrary to the government. Egianus's group refused to recognize the Indonesian government.

Previously this group carried out an attack on the airfield in Kenyam. It did not stop there, on October 28, they also held 15 teachers in Penduma, Nduga for 15 days. The TNI post in Nduga Regency also felt their wild actions. Then the slaughter of 19 of PT Istaka Karya's employees who were in infrastructure projects.

Seeing the facts about them, it must be a must to immediately crush the group's cruelty. In addition to preventing incidents like this from happening again, the suppression of separatist groups like OPM, KKB, TPNPB and other military wings, is also a way to prevent this country from splitting.

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