Rabu, 05 Februari 2020

TNI Becomes an Enthusiastic Learning for Nduga Children

TNI Becomes an Enthusiastic Learning for Nduga Children

Not only maintaining security in conflict areas, the TNI can be whatever is needed. As happened in Nduga, the TNI wants to be a teacher and is willing to teach and encourage the Nduga children who are affected by the conflict by the KKB armed criminal groups.

After the clash between the KKB armed criminal groups and the TNI-Polri, a number of teachers who taught in several schools in Nduga Regency, Papua, did not want to return to teaching. They left Nduga because of trauma from the rape, rape and threats of the KKB.

As a result, teaching and learning activities stopped completely in several schools in the area of ​​operation of armed criminal groups. A number of teachers and the community, including school children, fled to Jayawijaya Regency to avoid attacks from the KKB group. Not only that, the migrants also felt trauma and fear.

The TNI has coordinated with the Nduga Regency Government regarding this matter and hopes that students who fled to Jayawijaya can return soon and continue their education. Until now there are around 320 children from Nduga who are in Jayawijaya Regency studying in emergency schools.

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