Jumat, 10 Januari 2020

Hundreds of Papuan Student Exodus Caused By Provocation and Hoax

Hundreds of Papuan Student Exodus Caused By Provocation and Hoax

Due to incitement from the Free Papua Organization, hundreds of students in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua have left various cities where they received their education to return to their home regions, this happened a month after the incident in front of the Papuan student dormitory in Surabaya, East Java.

From the report we received, that more than 800 Papuan and West Papuan students who were studying in areas throughout Indonesia returned to Papua and West Papua, their number was reported to be around 835 people.

The return of students from Papua and West Papua was allegedly due to incitement and threats which said that if there were still students studying outside Papua they would be slaughtered, the threat was reportedly from the KKB armed criminal group. Because of that threat the students felt afraid and left the area where they were studying.

The threat is not only limited to that, the KKB also threatened not to be responsible if the students still wanted to study outside of Papua. KKB wants all students to study in Papua. They assume that people outside Papua always discriminate against Papuan students.

It is indeed ironic indeed, on the other hand students want to study, on the other hand they are incited and threatened. Seeing this phenomenon, MRP asked all students from Papua who study outside the island to go home and continue their studies in Papua.

With this appeal to Papuan students, if there is no guarantee of safety and comfort from the provincial government, district / city government, and the TNI / Polri apparatus in each study city, then it is called for, students to be able to return to continue and complete their studies in the Land of Papua,

Regarding the fate of Papuan and West Papuan students returning to their hometowns, Timotius Murib said their study would continue in Papua and the costs would be borne by the government.

"This is the territory of Indonesia, of course the costs are borne by the government. These children must not be allowed to be borne by the government. The government must think about it, they go home because of cause and effect. Yes, the provincial government will bear it," said Timotus.

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