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In Two Days the Balingga District Has Been Conquered

In Two Days the Balingga District Has Been Conquered

The armed clash between the TNI-Polri joint force and the armed criminal group (KKB) in Balingga District, Lanny Jaya Regency, Papua, occurred for two days. The incident began on Sunday (1/12/2019) night or during the OPM Anniversary celebration, and Monday (12/12/2019) morning.

Candra estimates that Purom Okinam Wenda's territory was previously difficult to penetrate. "Balingga was from Purom's headquarters which had not been touched at all," Candra said, when contacted on Monday night.

The TNI-Polri forces also succeeded in seizing a strategic point which was previously controlled by Purom Wenda. The area is Popome Village, Mokoni District. During the clash, the officers succeeded in killing two members of the KKB and confiscating a revolver.

However, according to Candra, the two victims were not killed simultaneously. On the first gun battle or Sunday night, a KKB member was successfully paralyzed. Then on Monday morning, officers shot another KKB member. While from the security side, there were no casualties.

After being successfully occupied, the TNI has now established a post in Popome. Balingga's entry as one of the red zones was also briefly recognized by Lanny Jaya Regional Secretary Christian Sohilait. He acknowledged, there are several districts in Lanny Jaya which are crossing areas or even become KKB headquarters.

Therefore it is very possible if some village heads were interfered with by a KKB that was passing by. The five districts in question are, West Wano District, Kuyawage, West Balingga, Balingga, and Ayumnati.

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