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Infrastructure Development Becomes Jokowi's Top Priority

Infrastructure Development Becomes Jokowi's Top Priority

The existence of infrastructure is believed to stimulate the economy so that it can increase the nation's competitiveness. President Joko Widodo made sustainable infrastructure development a priority in the second term of his administration.

So serious, Jokowi has even reformed the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) by cutting subsidy spending and diverted to productive capital expenditure budget, one of which is for this one sector.

In 2015, the infrastructure budget in the APBN was IDR 256.1 trillion, then in 2019, the budget for this sector rose by 62% to IDR 415 trillion. Not surprisingly, because the development of this sector was boosted in almost all parts of the country from Sabang to Marauke.

Out of a total of 223 projects and 3 infrastructure development programs that are registered in the National Strategic Project (PSN), approximately 48 of them have been operational by the end of 2019. One of Jokowi's pride is the Youtefa Bridge in Jayapura, Papua.

This bridge is also considered to be a symbol of the rise of Indonesia because it managed to realize equitable development of infrastructure to the east of the archipelago. Jokowi asked
so that the community can maintain the cleanliness and security of this bridge, because this bridge was built for the benefit of the community.

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