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Papuans are increasingly shunned by Papuans

Papuans are increasingly shunned by Papuans

The Free Papua Organization (OPM) has been massive in provoking young people to join together to demonstrate on 1 December 2019. However, the cold attitude of the people towards 1 December 2019 showed that OPM was increasingly rejected by the people of Papua and West Papua.

By carrying out rallies such as the calls of OPM and Free West Papua, among others, took place in front of the Peace Gong, Ambon City, Maluku, dozens of people demanded the granting of the right of self-determination for the people of West Papua and the release of Papuan political prisoners.

In the demonstration, one of the Papuan youth leaders, Erwin Abisay, said that the action participants stopped the action and did not need to demand independence. He invited all Papuan students studying to complete their studies well because Papua was not yet independent from the field of education.

Abisay's statement is clearly a true statement, because the Papuan generation who understand the history of Papua clearly will not want to demand Papuan independence. Meanwhile, on Jalan Pierre Tendean, Manado City, North Sulawesi, there is an article "Freedom Papua" which is said to have been written since two weeks ago by the OTK, but received less attention from local government officials.

Meanwhile, another thing related to the OPM Anniversary warning was the arrest of 4 Mass members of the Abepura Good Shepherd Catholic Church who were found carrying the Morning Star flag, which Veronica Koman immediately responded to through this issue via her active Twitter.

If the OPM support group is only a handful of people who hold rallies, then on the contrary the people of Papua especially the younger generation no longer trust the propaganda of ULMWP, OPM, AMP, KNPB. It is precisely the young Papuans in several regions carrying out peaceful actions to strengthen the integration of Papua in the Republic of Indonesia.

From the various phenomena above, the Indonesian people are increasingly convinced that they still have relatives in Papua as a strong nation. These developments show that many Indonesians disagree with the idea of ​​a "referendum is solution for Papua's case" shouted by Benny Wenda, Veronica Koman and the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP), because the people and young Papuans themselves still love Indonesia, because Indonesia is Papua and Papua is Indonesia.

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