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TNI Soldiers Routinely Serve Papua Public Health

TNI Soldiers Routinely Serve Papua Public Health

Task Force Yonif R 509 Kostrad, carrying out health services in Wetkim village, Iwur district, Bintang Bintang district, Friday (06/12), the activity was a manifestation of TNI's concern for public health and in the context of providing health services to border communities.

Danpos Iwur Letda Inf Ardito Akbar said, this activity was one of the territorial programs which was the task of the 509 Kostrad Kostrad Pamtas Task Force aimed at providing services to communities in task force-assisted areas in the border areas.

"The health service activities are routinely carried out once a week to help the community and as a form of concern for the task force towards border communities," he said.

He added, he and his members were very happy to be able to help provide health services to the surrounding community to help and treat some people who were sick and could not leave their homes.

The Head of Wetkim Village, Saweri Bitip said that this health service activity was welcomed and appreciated by the people of Kampung Wetkim and we would like to thank the Task Force Pamtas Pos Iwur for helping to serve the public health in Wetkim Village.

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