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The Sebyar Community, Received 21 of 456 Grant Houses.

The Sebyar Community, Received 21 of 456 Grant Houses.

KBRN Bintuni. The inauguration and handover of the grant house, to the people of Sebyar by the Regional Government of Teluk Bintuni Regency and Tangguh LNG in three districts, including Weriagar, Tomu and Taroiy Districts.

As for the houses that were donated as many as 21 units of livable houses, which have been completed in the process, out of a total of 456 units. For the construction of the grant houses, which is the result of a joint commitment between the Bintuni Regency Government and Tangguh LNG, from a development program on the North coast of Bintuni Bay Regency, through an environmental impact analysis (Amdal) for the construction of the Tangguh LNG refinery, Trend 3, which must be carried out by BP Tangguh . Where the implementation is carried out in an integrated manner with environmental management, the construction is scheduled for 4 years in the process from 2018 to 2021. It is divided into 3 districts.

At present, there are 21 housing units that have been built, ready to live, which are divided in Weriagar District by 5 units, Tomu by 13 units, and Taroiy District by 3 units. Although this development was carried out there were many obstacles both in terms of technical and social aspects. This was said by the Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan, in his mandate during the inauguration and handover of grant houses in the Weriagar District, Saturday (1/18).

The event also included an inscription signing session by West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan, and the Regent of Bintuni Bay, represented by the Deputy Regent of the Matop Matret, then the symbolic handover of the grant house, to one of the residents of Asli Sebyar who live in Weriagar District.

Furthermore, the Governor of West Papua in his message said, "we are blue sky, green earth, we leave the springs for our children and grandchildren, we do not leave tears for them".

Also active in this event were the West Papua Regional Police Chief, Manokwari Kasuari Military Commander, West Papua Kajati represented by Bintuni Bay Kajari, the Regent represented by Bintuni Bay Deputy Regent, Bintuni Bay Regional Police Chief, 1806 Bintuni Kodim Commander. And several OPD heads in the Bintuni administration, as well as district heads, and village heads, religious leaders, traditional leaders, women leaders, youth leaders, and community members in 3 districts who want to receive the grant house.

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