Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

TPNPB Never Stop Making HOAX

TPNPB Never Stop Making HOAX

The West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) is increasingly making public lies using social media. Almost all accounts that claim Papuan independence post provocative news and HOAX. Their main goal is to influence the people so they want to support their movement.

Recently a post from a Facebook account called TPNPB posted a photo claimed as evidence of an air bomb that was launched by TNI-Polri to kill civilians in an area called Nduga.

Seeing the HOAX news, the TNI firmly clarified that the TNI had never used a bomb attack to eradicate the Papuan separatist group, the TNI only used standard infantry troops, namely individual rifles carried by each soldier.

The TNI only uses helly and bell-type transport MI-17. There were no helicopters let alone fighter planes or bombers. As for what was claimed by the separatist bombs were not bombs like dynamite or even pineapple grenades, in fact only a smoke bomb type GT6-US A2 produced by PT. PINDAD since 2014 ago.

The TNI also emphasized that it had never killed civilians as reported by many TPNPB social media accounts. The TNI also appealed to all Papuans not to believe in all the TPNPB posts on social media that were full of lies.

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