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The Fate of 4 Students Who are Overtured by OPM

The Fate of 4 Students Who are Overtured by OPM

Four students of the Khairun University (Unkhair) Ternate, namely Arbi M Nur, Ikra S Alkatiri, Fahyudi Kabir, then Fahrul Abdullah, were dropped out (DO) from the Khairun University (Unkhair) Ternate through the Rector's Decree dated 12 201 ago . because it is considered to damage the good name of the University.

They took part in a protest rally "Liberation of West Papua" on 2 December 2019 in front of the campus of the North Maluku Muhammadiyah University, Ternate. These four students are considering conducting a tin roof to be punished and deciding public order.

Kuswandi, the legal counsel for the four students, said that he and two other lawyers who were the lawyers for the four students, requested that the results of the drop-out be immediately reviewed, so that the four students activate the cactali student kebali.

He invited the Decision on School Drop Issued by Kampar, which was full of irregularities. After repeatedly taking actions and being ignored by the chancellor, students will continue the struggle to the legal path, by filing a lawsuit against the DO Decree to the State Administrative Court (PTUN).

"If the camp is not approved by the DO Decree, we will go to the PTUN (State Administrative Court) route," he threatened.

But to make a lawsuit process, it means a large enough cost. They must negotiate in Ambon city which stretches more than 600 kilometers from the city of Ternate. Meanwhile the PTUN process can take almost 2 months. Then the reason why they were moved to make a fundraiser.

Until now, the funds collected have not met the target. Because of incitement by the separatist group the Free Papua Organization (OPM) they turned out this way. Did anyone from the OPM help them? Because of supporting OPM, their future has become bleak. Abandoned family, then OPM itself.

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