Minggu, 26 Januari 2020

Benny Wenda Is a Swindler and Manipulator

Benny Wenda Is a Swindler and Manipulator

Benny Wenda is an independent Papuan propaganda actor who was granted asylum from Oxford, England, and now lives there and won't dare to set foot on Papau. Benny Wenda is the most cunning person in Papua. he not only carried out personal propaganda but also through the country of Vanuatu, by mobilizing Pacific nations to campaign for Papuan independence in UN forums.

The issue raised by Benny Wenda to campaign for Free Papua is human rights, so that it can easily attract international attention. Benny Wenda is no longer an Indonesian citizen. This makes it difficult for the government to take legal action for Benny Wenda.

The existence of asylum from Oxford, England also shows that Benny Wenda has access to foreign parties, related to his interests with Papua. To overcome this, political steps including diplomacy between Indonesia and other countries are needed to explain the position of Papua which remains a part of the Homeland which is final and immediately counter-propaganda related to that carried out by Benny Wenda.

Benny Wenda's figure is a figure who is misleading and lies a lot, which he does to get economic and political benefits for Wenda himself. Benny Wenda also deceived or lied the international world regarding his crippled leg.

Benny Wenda always claimed that his leg was limping because of the war with the Indonesian security forces, but actually his leg was limping when he jumped off the fence of the Society or prison in Abepura, 1 day before the trial of his plot began. The international world and those who do not understand the history of Papua will clearly be fooled.

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