Kamis, 30 Januari 2020

OPM is a civilian oppressor

OPM is a civilian oppressor

In the name of the people of Papua, the Free Papua Organization (OPM) has made the people of Papua a sacrifice to move towards an independent Papua. OPM continues to force civilians to join the insurgency, threats and terror are OPM's weapons.

OPM threatens and does not hesitate to kill Papuans who are unwilling to support their rebellion. Not only that, OPM also threatened to kill non-Papuans suspected of being spies for the TNI-Polri. OPM also threatened to expel non-Papuans from the land of Papua.

Seeing this chaos, the people of Papua are getting fed up with the behavior of the OPM which only makes citizens uneasy. OPM's actions are like terrorists, always threatening, spreading fear, damaging, and killing innocent civilians.

OPM apparently only dared to civilians, they dared to seize, threaten and point their weapons at residents, especially when residents began to be depressed and scared. If they see the TNI-Polri apparatus, they immediately shoot from a distance, then run into the forest. It turns out that OPM is just a cowardly and oppressive organization of civilians.

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